Club Fact Sheet

The Club holds general meetings bi-monthly at a member's house. The meeting is friendly and informal and is followed by afternoon tea or supper as the case may be. Each member is required to bring a plate. In addition to discussing the business of the Club, the meetings may consist of a talk given by a vet or member on subjects concerning nutrition or cat care and demonstrations are also given on the grooming and handling of Birmans. Hints are also provided on various problems encountered by members concerning their cat. Club activities include the running of specialist Birman and all breed cat shows, social functions and fundraising activities. The Club can help cat owners, particularly Birman owners, with advice on general care, feeding, grooming, showing and breeding. Boarding of Birman cats can also be arranged through the Club.


A newsletter "THE GLOVE AND GAUNTLET" is distributed to members on a quarterly basis. It does not focus on show results and the like, but rather contains information and veterinary articles, interesting news from Australia and overseas, and social event details. The reason for this is that a large number of members are pet owners with no interest at all in showing or breeding, therefore we try not to make it too uninteresting for them. However, we do like to publish major results when members' own cats or their breeding stock have done well at a show.

The newsletter also includes articles written by Club members on their experiences, advice from technical publications, news of upcoming shows and social events, and information from other Australian and International Birman Cat Clubs. All members are more than welcome to send photos and articles for the newsletter to the secretary.


Membership to the Club is open to any person or family with a Birman cat. A once only joining fee for new members plus a small annual fee is payable to the Club. A membership form can be found on this site.