Buying a Birman Kitten/Cat

On purchasing a kitten or older cat from a Club breeder, you are assured peace of mind regarding the health and breeding of your cat, and you will be given a range of information to assist you with your new pet. Your kitten will be weaned and eating well, house trained and socialised. The breeders have a care sheet, which details the correct diet for your Birman, worming and flea control advice, and immunisation details. You will also be given an immunisation card for your kitten signed by a vet, and an information sheet on your rights from Capital Cats Inc. Many breeders now have their kittens routinely desexed prior to selling them. This is a safe and quick procedure, the kittens are able to return home a few hours later and recovery times are much quicker than in older cats. If buying your kitten as a pet or as a show neuter and it has not been desexed, you will be asked to sign a conditional sales agreement, which requires the cat to be desexed and not be used for breeding.

Club breeders are able to assist with any questions related to the care and welfare of your Birman kitten or cat. While they are not vets, they have built a wealth of knowledge and experience over their years of breeding and showing Birmans. Your breeder will be able to assist with all aspects of caring for your new kitten, settling into a new home etc. Remember the only silly question is the one not asked. If you in any doubt about the health of your Birman, you should seek veterinary advice immediately.