General Care

Care of the Eyes and Ears

Check your cat/kitten's ears regularly. Clean them carefully with cotton buds. If you repeatedly find small bits of dark matter and if the cat scratches and shakes its' head a lot, consult a veterinarian, as the cat may have ear mites. If your cat has continually runny or weeping eyes, consult a veterinarian.

Trimming Claws

You should trim the tips of the claws on the front feet once a month with special clippers available at pet stores. Ask your vet to show you how to do this.

Checking the Teeth

If you feed your cat a complete diet it should have perfect teeth. Unfortunately, however, some cats develop tartar and inflamed gums. You should therefore check your pet's mouth regularly. Consult your veterinarian if you see something you suspect requires treatment, the cats' breath is offensive or the cat dribbles continuously.


The coat of a longhaired cat must be thoroughly combed at least once a week, preferably every day. In the spring and autumn, when the cat grows a new coat, daily combing is necessary because the fine hair of the undercoat gets matted easily at these times.

Start grooming the coat and checking ears and teeth early, when the kitten is about twelve weeks old, so that it will become used to these procedures. Most cats love to be brushed, particularly if you stop periodically to pat them.

When giving your cat its daily cuddle, let your fingers automatically feel in the obvious areas where knots usually form (behind the ears, under the chin and tummy) and gently tease the knots out. If your cat objects to this, get help from another person and carefully cut the knots out before they become large masses.


It is not necessary to regularly bath your kitten/cat, unless you intend to show it, or you reside in an area susceptible to fleas and other parasites. Club members can explain to you the simplest method for bathing your cat, but again it is better to get the cat used to it at an early age. Remember, most cats do not like water. Members can also guide you in preparing your Birman to Show standard if you intend showing it.